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Vibratreus APP

Mothers use to find what you lost, but many times you need to find something that doesn´t exist yet. This is similar to what happened with the invention of the electric glass harp by a professional musician. In any way, he knew that he could spend some time making and ordinary harp of crystal glasses, tuning them depending on the amount of water used, and finally, playing it. What he knew as well, was the fact that an electronical prototype wasn´t been created yet. He had the vision of this instrument inside an ipad.

So we develop this project from scratch: recording and producing all of the audio tracks, using real instruments played by professional musicians, APP branding, UX and UI design, and the whole software programming to make it running smoothly.

We have achieved a sound as accurate as possible from the original instrument, an intuitive interface, and definitely, the fact that you don´t have to break any more glasses while the table is falling down.

Coming soon to appstore.

Details of the interaction animations