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La música y yo.
Joaquín Pascual

Notes, repetitive homework, lack of motivation… The need to offer a different method of teaching music in elementary school education, led the project La Música y yo (Music and me) to contact us for searching a solution and changing completely the educational understanding of music.

We worked on an ON/OFF whole educational project, where creativity, interactivity and the user intuitive experience, became the main targets to achieve. We developed a multimedia platform which provides a wide range of tools for both: music teachers and school pupils; through the management of a non-conventional private and customized CMS.

For capturing school pupils´ attention, we worked on 2D and 3D animated and interactive file cards, replacing this way ordinary homework. Moreover, all this is completed with a multimedia library which provides the user interesting information about popular musicians and different instruments, besides music educational games to complete a large range of interactive material. All of this, fully compatible with interactive digital whiteboards. As well, we have created an evaluation system that let you manage the pupils´ examination marks without any effort; creating useful reports according to the current educational legislation.

Specially complicated was representing the essence of this project.

Using conceptualization and development of an available interactive experience from the platform first front page, was necessary for disclosing all the philosophy behind this project, becoming something special.

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