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Koopera's interactive campaign
Koopera Store

Work in progress.

Koopera web development transmits a straightforward emotional experience connecting the user to the social cooperative project. We created an ON/OFF proposal based on the concept “comfort zone” to transmit values as social acceptance and reintegration through the collect and treatment of used clothes, among other activities carried out by the cooperative on groups at risk of social and labour exclusion.

Website was programmed using HTML5 Canvas technology, reaching a complete interactive site, as part of its strategy for approaching the brand to the customer. Bubbles and illustrations in the platform represent the process of change that people experiment through Koopera. This way, user gets connected, raised awareness and involved by the project.

The simplicity and intuitive UI and UX design, invites the user to a content exploration, increasing the possibilities of the cooperative for customer acquisition, one of the main targets of this project.